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I Am Hafiz Khan

I Invite you to 'Oxygenate' the Planet.

  • With the world grappling with diminishing resources, the ability to ‘Enhance Biodiversity’ is more critical than ever before. We would like to engage and sensitize schools, colleges, corporate employees, clubs, NGOs and nature enthusiasts with various volunteering activities, internships, workshops & environmental discussions.

Who We Are

We intend to create long term sustainable urban man-made forests to restore the tree cover and create a biodiversity for native species.

Urban Man Made
Micro Forests

Let's create oxygen detox zones & enhance air quality.

Fruit Forests
In Schools

Teach children to create their own food & eat toxic free fruits.

Butterfly Forests
Among Apartment

Enhance beauty of the surrounding to get a better environment.

Bio-Diversity Beside
Water Bodies

To ensure that we do not lose the existing flora & fauna.

Increase Greenery
In Industrial Zone

Reduce carbon foot print & balance the pollution.

Project And Environment Impact


Restore the lost green cover


Lower noise & dust pollution


Naturally cool & clean air


Mentally & physically stronger


Create a natural habitat & biodiversity


Enhance soil quality


Increase surface water level


Reduce temperature


A place with nature’s magic

Why Are Forests So Important?

They cover 30% of the planet’s land surface and they’re fundamental for the quality of the air we breathe, 20% of which comes from the amazonian rainforest. Forests are also crucial for the quality of the rivers’ waters that cities directly or indirectly consume and for the regulation of the water cycle.